1. This is something I am very excited about!


  2. This is a painting by an L.A. artist named Mike Reynolds.  Thanks, Mike!  I’ve never looked so dapper.


  3. I just drew this.


  4. A little drawing I did last night.


  5. On Feb. 23rd and 24th I’ll be performing my show Playin’ With Micucci.  If you like songs, stories, puppets, ghosts, and a good time…then come on by The Trepany House (formerly the Steve Allen Theater) at 8 pm this Saturday or Sunday! There will be special guests!  Benmont Tench will play some tunes, Matthew Micucci will play a new ukulele song, and Davey Johnson will be awesome (he might even do his Dr. Phil impression).  Seriously…it will be fun.  Hope to see you there! xo Kate



  6. I’m in a brand new cartoon called Out There.  I play a boy named Jay.  There are a lot of awesome people who do voices on the show including Fred Armisen, Megan Mullally, Linda Cardellini, Pamela Adlon, and the creator of the show (South Park’s) Ryan Quincy.  Out There premieres on Feb. 22 on IFC but you can watch a full episode if you click on this link.  Check it out: http://www.ifc.com/shows/out-there


  7. Last night was the opening of the HelloGiggles art show at Gallery 1988.  The show is called Young Adult and is based on teen novels from the 80s and 90s.  My piece is called Logan and Cokie and is based on a Baby-Sitter’s Club book.  The show runs until February 23 at Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles.


  8. I was once a very tiny skier.  


  9. On Thanksgiving I dressed up like a turkey and met Rodney Bingenheimer.


  10. Two years ago I was walking down an alley in Hollywood with my my friend Lindsey Byrnes.  A man saw I had a ukulele in my hand and asked me to play La Bamba.  He sang it beautifully.  One reason I love walking in Los Angeles.